Choose only one: Lord Voldemorts nose, or one of Nialls toe nails?

This is a really hard question, And I Have absolutely no idea, how it ended in our Ask box. But it did, And I’m going to try and answer it.
I could probably get A LOT of money for Nialls toe nails, but then again, how many people in this world has even been able to touch lord voldemorts nose?

I think I’ll have to go with the nose, Just because i might be a bit of a potterhead, and Voldys nose means a lot to me.

Niall imagine for Elise:) -Wedding night

Tonight’s the night. That was the sentence I kept repeating in my mind.
Niall was fetching our suitcases from the trunk of his car. We were parked outside a small cabin. It was beautiful, better than what I had ever imagined.

It’s our wedding night. We were officially husband and wife after years of dating. The wedding was small and comfortable. Only close family and the closest friends were invited. Only 30 were invited, and there were no interruptions from the boys fans, or the press.

We said our vows by a beautiful lake where the party had also taken place.

It’s midnight right now and I was contemplating getting out of the car. I put my hand on the handle just as Niall did the same on the outside. I moved my hand again and smiled at him as the door opened. “May I take  your hand, Mrs. Horan?” He said with a giant smile plastered onto his face. I bet my smile was just as big as my green eyes stared into his.

Moving around in my dress wasn’t really a problem, as I had chosen a straight but elegant gown, that had a high low effect, so it reached my knees in the front and went all the way to my feet in the back, it was strapless and layered from the waist and down. Simple yet elegant.

Niall helped my stand and took a loose soft brown curl, and placed i behind my ear before leaning into kiss me, as he closed the car door. He broke away with a smile and swept me off my feet and held me bridal style. I let out a squeak of surprise and he only chuckled as he carried me towards the cabin. “Gotta do it all properly, right?” He said as he reached the door. I held onto him tightly and smiled up at him.

He carried me over the threshold and kicked the door shut after us. The cabin was beautiful. It was all one room, except for the bathroom. He went over to the bed and put me down on it carefully, and sat down next to me. He had already brought our suitcases in. I reached down and pulled of my strappy gold heels, and let them fall to the floor at the end of the bed. Niall grinned down at me and brought our foreheads together. “Feels good to be married, doesn’t it?” I asked him. “Elise Horan, got a nice sound to it don’t you think?” I continued before capturing his lips with mine. It wasn’t long before he deepened the kiss, and I let my fingers get entangled in his blonde locks as his hands roamed my body carefully. I let my hands travel down his back and tucked his dress shirt out of his pants. He let my lips go and started kissing my neck. I tilted my head to the side, and let my hands travel up his bag under his shirt. I felt some of the muscles he had in his back, let my hands out of the shirt and unbuttoned a couple of the top buttons before guiding it over his head and throwing it to the floor.

“Are you sure you want this, Elise? You know I’ll wait for you if you aren’t ready.” Niall said looking deeply into my eyes. He knew I was a virgin, he knew from early on in our relationship that I wanted to wait, and he had respected that completely. And now i was ready, so I just looked into his eyes and nodded firmly. He leaned in and kissed me tenderly, before continuing with his hands, letting them fall to the dress zipper and he slowly pulled it down. Revealing more skin as it went down. He let his hands fall to mine and pulled me up from the bed. He slowly pushed the dress down, revealing my strapless bra and my lace panties. I stepped out of the dress and Niall looked me over. He smiled at me and took  step toward me, before encircling me in his arms. “Elise, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” He said and kissed me again as he led us to the bed. I unbuckled his pants and pushed them down, his socks and shoes long gone.
We were making out sitting on the bed, both of us in our underwear, and it wasn’t long before he had pushed me down on the bed, hovering over me, as we were now both completely naked. He had been very sweet and slow with me, knowing it was my first time.

“I’m not going to lie, this is probably gonna hurt, Elise. Promise me you’ll tell me to stop if i hurt you?” He looked into my eyes and all I could do was nod. He put his forehead against mine and slowly pushed in. It didn’t hurt at first, but when he reached my barrier i couldn’t help but wince. He stopped moving and I took calming breaths, urging him to go on. He leaned down and captured my lips and pushed through my barrier. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would but I tensed up and let out a whimper against his lips. He stayed still inside me again waiting for me to adjust to his size. It didn’t even take a whole minute for me to adjust, and when I told him to move again, he went at a slow and steady pace, and the pain quickly turned to pleasure and I told him to go faster as I wrapped my legs around his hips. He looked into my eyes all the time and he entwined our fingers on the bed. We both reached our climaxes and he rolled us onto our sides, still inside of me, and threw a blanket over us. “I love you Elise.” “I love you too Niall.” Was the last thing we whispered before falling asleep completely entwined.

Please could I have a Niall imagine where I'm a fan at his concert and he gets Paul to take my backstage? I'm called Emily, blonde hair, brown eyes, 5ft 4 x
Niall Imagine for Emily :)

I am currently at the One Direction concert, seated and just watching the boys doing their thing up on that stage. I went with two of my friends, who’s currently screaming their heads off trying to get the attention of their favorite boys. I have never been one for screaming like a mad woman, so I decided to just sit down, relax a bit and just watch.

I kept my eyes trained on Niall. We were seated in the third row, so I could see everything. He would sometimes jump around and joke around with the girls up front and his smile was kinda dazzling really. I liked the way his eyes lit up and just shined through.

I looked away for a second to adjust a lock of blonde hair that kept getting in my face, and when I looked back up at Niall he was looking directly at me. We made eye contact, and I was met with the most gorgeous blue eyes i had ever seen. I didn’t dare break my gaze from his.
After some time I shot him a smile and a small wave, Which he returned quite quickly, much to the displeasure of a couple girls standing to my left.

The concert was almost over when a buff, bodyguard looking man came up to me. “What’s your name?” he asked and looked up at Niall, who gave him a nod and a thumbs up. What is going on here? “I’m Emily.” I said sticking out my hand. “Hi Emily, I’m Paul, would you like to follow me backstage and meet the boys?” He shook my hand and asked, just as the boys were heading off the stage. “Niall sent you didn’t he?” I asked after nodding and following him. “Yes he did actually. He wants to talk to you,” He said with a smile and led me backstage. I sent a quick message to my friends, telling them I was going to be late, and to wait by the car.

Paul led me to a dressing room and it wasn’t long before the boys tumbled through the door, Zayn and Niall last. Harry and Louis went up to me first. “I’m Harry and this is Louis,” Harry said sticking out his hand, “I’m Emily,” I said and shook his hand repeating it with Louis. It went like this with All the boys until I got to Niall. “Hi Emily, I’m Niall, I just wanted to say that you are gorgeous and that I’m not used to doing this. But would you maybe go on a date with me sometime?” He asked, scratching his head nervously. He looked so afraid, and kept avoiding my brown eyes. “Of course I’ll go on a date with you.” I said with a huge smile, and I could really feel Niall relaxing.

And that was how Niall Horan asked me out on our first date, neither one of us knowing it would be the first of many.

For Emily. I hope You like<3
- Kat xx  

Can I have an imagine where it's that time of the month with niall please


One Direction Imagines!

I feel like doing some Imagines, so If you want one send us an ask and include basic looks: hair, eyes, height(tall, normal or short), that kinda stuff. Basic personality traits, and what you want included in it.

Dirty imagines allowed….

Imagine for Sara Jayne

I was so nervous I started pacing the room, and wringing my hands against each other, as I had to wait two minutes. Two minutes was all I had to prepare my mind for what could possibly be a life changing result.
I looked at myself in the full size mirror i had put up on one of the closet doors, despite Harrys attempts at getting me to see ‘what he saw’, whenever he looked at me. I was quite insecure actually. I didn’t really understand what the hell Harry saw in me, but he wouldn’t have stuck with me until now if he didn’t really want me, right?

I had always been quite tall for a girl, my hair is a soft brown, almost red, and my eyes were really green. One of the first things you notice when you look at my face is my eyes. Harry claims that I spend way too much time in front of the mirror, and thats why I’m so insecure.
I fixed my shirt and dusted off my jeans as I heard the timer go off in the bathroom, just as I heard Harry entering the hall downstairs.

“Babe?” He shouted up the stairs and I quickly stuffed the stick, that would determine the rest of our lives, into my back pocket. I stood at the top of the stairs and looked down at him. He doesn’t have a clue. He doesn’t know what i’m currently hiding in my pocket, and I highly doubt he’s going to stay with me when he finds out. He’s got a career going, and this could easily put a stop to that.

“You okay?” He asked looking into my eyes with concern, and that was the moment I lost it. I sprinted down the stairs, and into his arms, tears trickling down my face. “Please don’t get mad, I’m so sorry, I’m so scared.” I kept repeating into his chest.

“Hey hey, Calm down, love. What’s wrong?” He said taking my face in his strong hands and wiped my tears away with his thumbs. I took a deep breath and reached into my back pocket and grabbed the stick. I took a look at it and showed Harry.

“You’re, but… You’re…. I’m gonna be a….” He stammered out and dropped his hands to my shoulders, “I’m pregnant.”

He just looked at me for what seemed like years, not saying anything, when suddenly I was swooped from the ground and spun around in the small hall. “I’m gonna be a dad.” he shouted over and over before he put me back on the ground.

“I love you so much, Sara Jayne.” He whispered with his forehead pressed against mine. “ I love you too,” I whispered back and he wasted no time before crashing his lips to mine.    

Right. Sorry it took so long. I hope you like it:) -Kat xx



It’s 2am and Harry still isen’t home, where is he? he said he would be home at 8pm, he haven’t called he haven’t texted I’m staring to get really worried, maybe I should call th-
I was knocked out of my thoughts by the frontdoor getting slamed shut, there drunk as hell stood my boyfriend for almost 2years. “Hi babe” he slurs out going into the kitchen, I dosen’t anwser, “Babe?” Harrys says as he comes back from the kitchen with an beer in his hand “Don’t babe me Harry, you said you would be home at 8pm its 2am freaking hell” “Don’t be like that” I glared getting mad “Don’t be like what? Worried?” “C’J CUT IT OFF!” I just roled my eyes at him and got up, “You can sleep on the couch tonight” I said walking past him. He grabbed my wrist roughly and pulled me back “DON’T YOU EVEN DARE GET LIKE THAT! I WAS OUT HAVING FUN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!” Harry yelled in my face “Harry Stop it” “NO I WONT! IT’S NOT MY FAULT MY GIRLFRIEND IS AN BORING BITCH WHO DOSEN’T KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN, I MEAN LOOK AT YOU! YOU LOOK LIKE SOMETHING FROM A DUMPSTER!”  I could seen in Harrys eyes wided realizingwhat he said, I by now had tears running down my cheeks, I pulled my arms back and started backing away, “No no babe I’m sorry I didn’t mean it” Harry said walking closer to me. “Don’t worry Harry I know you did” I said trying to keep myself together as I walk into the Hallway and puts my shoes on “Please don’t go” I hear Harry wisper as he realizes what I’m doing, “Goodbye Harry I will send someone for my stuff” Thats the last I say before I closes the door.

~A few days later~
I’m sitting on starbuck waiting for my friend Tina she asked me to be here at 1pm so here I am, I hear the bing from the door and looks up and is met by a pair of piercing green eyes that I know far to well, I quikly looks away hoping that he haven’t seen me.

Harrys Pow.
There she was, looking beautiful as always god how I’ve missed her, all I’ve done the last few days is stay home and cry, I know what I did was wrong and I’m so ashamedI’m just glad that Tina agreed to this.
I walk over to her and stands next to her table and clears my troat making her look at me “Can I- I sit here?” I ask looking her in the eyes. “What do you want Harry” “I want you, I want you back, my life is nothing wsith out you, its like a part of me is missing, please take me back” I say and gose down on my knees in begging position and claps my hands together “please Christina, I miss you I love you please please!! I’m so sorry love I really am” “Oh shut up and kiss me” I look at her shocked but quikly gets up and pulls her on her feets and kisses her hugging her tightly not wanting to ever let go. “Harry stop we’re in public” She giggles “Oh yeah right” I chuckles and let her go blushing a bit

~The End~
I hope it was good I had some problems with my laptop so sorry :I

-Cami♥ xox

This just makes me mad!!!!!!!!So fucking mad!!!!!!!!What the fuck have Eleanor ever done to any of you? she&#8217;s really sweet and loving and you can see how much they care for each other so why do fans keep doing this? I really can&#8217;t seem to understand.
But then again thoes who does things like this isen&#8217;t really their fans they are just Jealous bitches who need to get punched in the face with an metal chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This just made me soooooo mad!!!!!!!!!I can&#8217;t even belive that you guys would do something like this!!!!!
I&#8217;m proud of what Louis did and I think he did the right thing!! 

This just makes me mad!!!!!!!!
So fucking mad!!!!!!!!
What the fuck have Eleanor ever done to any of you? she’s really sweet and loving and you can see how much they care for each other so why do fans keep doing this? I really can’t seem to understand.

But then again thoes who does things like this isen’t really their fans they are just Jealous bitches who need to get punched in the face with an metal chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This just made me soooooo mad!!!!!!!!!
I can’t even belive that you guys would do something like this!!!!!

I’m proud of what Louis did and I think he did the right thing!! 

Sorry :c

Hey guys :)
I’m so sorry that we haven’t posted any of the  requests you guys have send in yet :i
I don’t have the time right now and I ruiend my own computer so all the imagines I’ve done have been deleted :/
And sin’s I’m the one who takes care of the dirty  requests  because well I’m the most pervy and dirty minded of me and Katt and pretty much all the  requests  are people asking for some that are dirty

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